Alyx Donations

Thank you for your interest in the ALYX System, and in learning more about how volunteer blood donors can make the most of their donation.

Below is background information on the need for ALYX donors, the benefit to local patients and information about the ALYX donation process.

Why become an ALYX donor?

When patients require a blood transfusion, it’s typically of a particular blood component. With the ALYX System, donors give the most needed blood component(s) based on:
• Local patient transfusion needs
• Patient's corresponding blood type
• Donor qualifications

An ALYX donor can give two units of red blood cells or one unit of red blood cells with two-three units of plasma depending on their qualifications.

Why is there such an emphasis on red blood cells?

Red blood cells are the most frequently transfused blood component with more than 14 million units needed annually. These critical components are used in the treatment of trauma victims and patients undergoing critical medical treatments. Chances are you know someone, if not yourself, who has needed a transfusion of red blood cells.

What is the ALYX donation process?

With an ALYX donation only the needed components are collected with the remaining components and saline being returned to the donor for added comfort. Hundreds of thousands of people have safely and comfortably donated on the ALYX System with the donation time on average being just under 30 minutes.

How does an ALYX donation differ from a manual, whole blood donation?

In a manual whole blood donation a person donates one pint of blood that is then separated into its therapeutic components, typically producing one transfusion unit of red cells with a unit of plasma, and a partial dose of platelets. An ALYX donor only gives the most needed components based on his/her blood type and qualifications. An ALYX donation takes about 10 to 15 minutes longer, on average, than a manual, whole blood donation, and the donor requirements for giving two units of red blood cells are more stringent.

How often can a person donate on the ALYX System?

Qualifying donors can give 2 units of red blood cells on the ALYX System every 112 days (16 weeks), optimizing his/her donation and giving less frequently than in a manual, whole blood donation. If donating 1 unit of red blood cells with 2-3 units of plasma, an ALYX donor can donate every 56 days, the same as a whole blood donation.

What are the qualifications to become an ALYX donor?

If donating red blood cells and plasma, the U.S. donor eligibility requirements are the same as a standard whole blood donation at least 120 pounds. If you are donating 2 units of red blood cells, the eligibility requirements are more stringent minimum height and weight requirements being 5’1” and 130 pounds for males and 5’5” and 150 pounds for females. Thank you for your interest in the ALYX System, and in learning more about how volunteer blood donors can make the most of their donation.