The Autologous Blood Donor Program is here to let you bank your own blood in anticipation of a scheduled surgery.

What is an Autologous Donor?

An autologous (“auto” meaning self) blood donation allows you to store your own blood for future use. The benefits include:
• Protection against potential disease transmission
• Elimination of risk immunization to foreign tissue
• Decreased risk of potential adverse reactions to future blood transfusions


There are limitations on the number of units you may donate, and how close to surgery you may schedule autologous donations. The number of autologous units you might need generally depends upon the type of surgery you have scheduled. Consult your surgeon for the number of units you may require during surgery.

Some surgical procedures require blood beyond the limits of one person’s donation. In this case, the Directed Blood Donation Program is another option to consider.

As an autologous donor, the number of units you need, as well as your physical condition determines the amount of time required to complete the program. You can only donate one unit at a time, and you must wait seven days between donations. The last unit can be donated no later than three working days prior to your surgery.

In order to make an autologous donation, you must first make arrangements with your physician to initiate the donation process. Your physician should fill out and provide you with a prescription to donate blood for your surgery. You should then call 609-883-9750 the Community Blood Council of New Jersey to make an appointment to donate.

The Process:

During the pre-donation screening, you will be asked to sign a consent form indicating your acceptance of the autologous program regulations.
Following this, you will be given a brief physical examination. We will record your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, weight and age. A sample of your blood is used to determine whether you are anemic.

After you have donated, you are required to sit in the donor’s chair for ten minutes, or until you feel comfortable enough to walk around. Refreshments will be provided at this time.

Generally, the autologous donation process takes about one hour from start to finish. This includes time for you to complete the necessary paperwork, for us to collect one pint of blood, and for you to rest afterwards. We will do our best to make your visit brief and comfortable. Autologous donations are made by appointment only, which helps to ensure prompt service.