They were very organized with a friendly staff that was nice to the kids. I highly recommend the Community Blood Council of NJ. I wish that I could tell any school looking to hold a blood drive to give the Community Blood Council a chance. If their drive goes half as well as ours, it will be a great experience.

Staycee Milligan, Advisor & Life Saver

The staff made the experience so enjoyable. They were really friendly and helpful and they made me feel comfortable.

Brianna Salvatore, Life Saver

Everyone at the blood drive was very accommodating and caring. Everything went very smoothly….from the moment I walked in until the moment I walked out. The process of giving blood to save someone’s life was not only rewarding, but was safe and comfortable because of the care the blood drive volunteers and workers gave me.

Lauren Hoos, Life Saver

I have never given blood before, so I was a little nervous. Everyone that worked with me was really kind and helpful. They took my mind off of the process by talking and being very friendly. It was an enjoyable process. I’m so happy I could save lives, and I’m looking forward to the next donation.

Mathew Holak, Life Saver

The moment I walked in, people from Cherokee & members of the Community Blood Council were by my side trying to assist me with whatever I needed. This was truly a fantastic experience & I hope to have this company back again in our school district. Thank you.

Elizabeth J. Unger, Teacher, Life Saver